The Sixth International Workshop on
Nonlinear Waves and Turbulence in Space Plasmas (NLW-6)

Oct. 9 (M) -13 (F), 2006, International Plaza, Kyushu University, JAPAN

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The International Workshop on Nonlinear Waves and Turbulence in Space Plasmas is held every two or three years, with its location alternating around the US, Europe, and Asia. We are pleased to announce its sixth workshop, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan. The aim of the Workshop is to bring together experts from the international community interested in theory, computer modeling and data analysis studies on topics related to nonlinear waves and turbulence in space plasmas, laboratory plasmas and astrophysics and to serve as a forum for intensive discussions and exchange of state-of-the-art research results. In the past Workshops we have discussions on such topics as: nonlinear MHD waves and turbulence, particle transport by nonlinear waves, Langmuir turbulence, electron holes, coronal heating, nonlinear time series analysis, chaos and complexity in space plasma, nonlinear waves in astrophysical environments, among others. Participation in the Workshop is by invitation only, and the number of participants is limited to approximately fifty. The atmosphere of the workshop will be informal. All talks will be "invited", with "equality" among attendees.

NLW year and location in the past:
1994 NLW-1, Kyoto, Japan
1996 NLW-2, Koeln, Germany
1998 NLW-3, Carlsbad, USA
2001 NLW-4, Tromso, Norway
2003 NLW-5, Mumbay, India

Organizers of the NLW-6:
Tohru Hada, Kyushu University, Japan
Bruce Tsurutani, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
Abraham Chian, I.N.P.E., Brazil

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